The 4 letter word….

What is love? A strong emotion that motivates us to do what we do, existing in each and every role we play, be it a child, parent, sibling, friend or spouse. A mother loves her child even before it is born. Similarly, a new born baby doesn’t need any introduction to its mother. The bond... Continue Reading →


14th November, 2020 is Diwali, an Indian festival and what better a topic to write on!


The most sacred yet diluted word, Friendship! As a child, I would love to make new friends. I would expect nothing from them but loyalty. However, these friendships were short-lived. A few of them even left a scar behind by acting in an abominable manner. Of course, children get carried away easily resulting in an... Continue Reading →


Quite a random topic, I must admit. On a lazy afternoon, while I was looking through the window, my eyes parked at the trees and flowers and the dulcet colours they bore. I instantly thought to myself “oh, why not write something on colours?” and here it is. Enjoy Reading 🙂 I wonder how our... Continue Reading →

The 2 Ds of life —– Part 3

Hey Guys, This one is a continuation of the previous blog which illustrated a few ideal qualities of divine. Below are a few more divine qualities, which I believe, are self-explanatory. Any point I feel requires elaboration, I shall do so. SimplicityNon-violenceStand for what is just and right and not which is merely convenientModesty –... Continue Reading →

The 2 Ds of life —– Part 2

Hey Guys, Picking up from where I had left; read along… Last blog indicated the qualities one must not have. At the same time, it is pertinent to realize the qualities we should imbibe. Below are a few points which aide in realizing the Divinity and thereby realizing the self… See Divinity within oneself I... Continue Reading →

The 2 Ds of life —– Part 1

Hey Guys, Another Thursday, another Blog. Read along……. It took me time to understand the 2 essential Ds of this entire process of self-realization and it is taking me even more time to be able to implement it fully. Yet I am happy that I have initiated the process, although there are miles to be... Continue Reading →

Self-realization ….. Part 2

Hello People, This topic is such that it definitely deserves more than 1 blog. For those who have read the previous one, may skip a few paragraphs below. For new readers, I am giving a synopsis of the 1st part. A. Maslow’s theory on “Hierarchy of Needs” Psychology of a human mind.States the 5 needs... Continue Reading →

Self-realization ….. Part 1

Hi Folks, At the very outset, I would like to confess that this subject is close to my heart. A couple of questions namely, “Who am I really” and “What is the purpose of my life” have given me sleepless nights and disturbing days. Chartered Accountancy course made me study a subject called as “Strategic... Continue Reading →

Need of the hour – Relaxation

Hello Folks, Freedom, my earlier blog, mentioned about the stressful life that we are leading and all this lockdown due to coronavirus has only added fuel to the fire. Not that before coronavirus, we were leading a relaxed life! Since I have talked a lot about stress earlier too, I would want to focus on... Continue Reading →


Hello Thursday, Hope all of you are in good health. Here I am, with another blog. Read along……. At the outset, I would like to confess that this blog is not completely about my experiences. I don’t mean to be preachy, but I felt a need to let you people know about an important subject... Continue Reading →


I was contemplating over my next topic and suddenly, it struck me that 15th August just went by and I instantly knew what to write next. As an Indian, this date is of prime importance in my life. This is the day when India, after immense struggle by our freedom fighters, got its freedom. What... Continue Reading →

To each his own

Hello Readers, The previous blog “Mind” ended with the statement: “Let us control our Mind and set ourselves Free”. I would like to delve more onto this subject and while at it, an interesting thought arose – Faith. In my opinion, our mind has a crucial role to play in developing faith in someone or... Continue Reading →

Nature – An observer’s eyes ….

Hey Folks, Yet another blog, another set of observations, another wonder. Read along… My uncle has the habit of keeping curd rice for the crow. The crow is named Ramu. Having served the food, he would call out to Ramu to indicate that the food was ready. I was staying in his house for a... Continue Reading →

Different, yet Connected….

I am more of a Nature’s person and like to be surrounded by it. In fact, I am always amazed at the way everything co-exists. Different, yet connected! I have plants at home and like to take care of them. I enjoy talking to them and why not? They too, are living beings and better... Continue Reading →


Hello peeps, This blog is an imperative continuation of the previous blog “It is about perception”. Through this blog, I am sharing my understanding about the word ‘Patience’ and coming to terms with ‘Failure’. I am a chartered accountant. The profession is quite infamous for its arduous examination. Yes, I had to attempt the examination... Continue Reading →

It is all about perception…

Honestly, I am very emotional. Although the intensity has reduced over the years, I still feel things quite strongly, be it joy, sorrow or anger. How I measure myself is by how far I have come instead of whining about how far I have to go. Isn’t this a nicer way to feel good about... Continue Reading →

Who am I???

Hello people, Firstly, I would like to thank each one of you to take your time out to read my blog. Here, I would be penning down my experiences and observations. Essentially, a blog focusing on random topics. I wish my blogs benefit many readers, who in turn may help their acquaintances, thereby creating a... Continue Reading →

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